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E-cig liquid best flavors

Want to taste the best e-cig liquid flavors? Then you need to listen up. I’ll tell you about some of my favorite e-juice flavors from some of my top brands and vendors that I like to buy from. The all time top e-liquid vendor is of course Monarchy. They definitely have the best e-juice and best e-liquid available, and right now you can only get them online, I’m not sure when they are going to wholesale to shops across the nation but it doesn’t much matter, because their premium e-liquids are choice and are definitely the right price for the quality.

These guys have to be running the best vape store online, because they have top notch support, videos, tutorials for newbies, they answer your questions fast, their shipping is like crazy, they must ship out as soon as they receive orders because I got all my orders in like 2 or 3 days, without priority shipping which you can pay a little more for. So that’s one of the greatest things about this vape store is that they ship right away and it gets to you super fast. That’s hard to find with some of these big corporate sites these days.E-cig Liquid

So to talk about e-cig liquid flavors some more, I have to recommend their perfect peach flavor, it’s an insane peach, so sweet, juicy and refreshing, and like no other. Also I have to say that their best tobacco e-liquid and best menthol flavors rock the house. They are putting out insane flavors that just kill everyone else. Here’s a top love of mine. I used to love smoking cloves back in the day. They have since become illegal to sell in the USA. That sucks. Black Djarums, those things ruled, but I could tell were harsh on the lungs. Monarchy has a flavor called Black Market that I swear to god tastes exactly like you’re smoking cloves, smells great, is not crushing your lungs and everyone always asks what that awesome smell is!


Vaping Best Flavors

Vaping the best flavors never tasted so good!

Vaping the best e-juice flavors does make a huge difference in sticking to it, and away from the grips of nasty big tobacco, and just plain tastes good. When you have the best e-liquid in your mod, you’ll not only produce the most vapor, but it will also be so pleasant tasting and smelling because of the flavor. When you have the best vape juice you can share it with your friends and enjoy the subtle notes together. So make sure you are filling your tanks with the best tasting e-juice flavors out there. When you’re vaping best flavors available you’ll be happier.

vaping best flavors You may want to try the best menthol flavors or the best tobacco flavors. Some of you may be more in to fruity flavors or candy flavors. I do enjoy a nice green apple flavor. I also love coffee flavors myself, maybe a nice chocolaty mocha. But I also like whiskey and bourbon flavors. Sometimes I feel like a good desert e-liquid. Once in a while I may have a nice custard e-juice.vaping best flavors

How about the new greek yogurt type flavors. Orange creamsicle yogurt anyone? So don’t be scared to try some new e-liquid flavors, God knows their are tons of them, and new e-juice brands coming out every single day. Here’s a great place to get e-juice reviews – http://www.ejuice-reviews.com. They usually stay on top of the best e-juice flavors available online.

The more flavors you try the better off your vaping experience will be with tons of e-juice brands and vendors out there you have tons of selection that you can try over time. When you let your palate taste new things, you’ll come to find out that you may be more into menthol fruit flavors or creamy vanilla custard, or some crazy bourbon flavor. It all makes good fun trying out new e-juice flavors.

Best E-liquid Flavors Online

Looking for the best e-liquid flavors online?

Then look no further, the best e-liquid flavors online are at Monarchy, a new brand that has the most tasteful flavors at the best prices. As a vaper myself and a journalist, writer, and blogger, I like to write about my passions, this vaping blog is dedicated to that. I am spanish and thought maybe I should write in spanish, but figured most people will find this who speak english and can translate it through Google, so the best thing I can do is write about my vaping experience and the best e-liquid flavors I find.

best e-liquid flavorsI’ve been vaping for a few years myself and have tasted many e-liquid flavors that stand out for their own particular reasons, but I have to say that their are new brands that are starting to stand out for caring more about the flavor then anything else. One of the best e-liquid vendors is definitely Monarchy at http://www.vapormonarchy.com. So definitely take a look at what they have to offer as far as ejuice or anything else you are looking for such as vape starter kits, vape mods, or e-liquids.

So being a veteran e-liquid connoisseur I think I have a good tasting flavor profile that will agree with the general vaping public more then the normal. Being a connoisseur I have to state that the best e-juice flavors are usually honestly given by the best e-juice reviews or best e-liquid reviews at http://www.ejuice-reviews.com. They are definitely honest and unbiased when they review certain juices, as sometimes they shoot down the biggest brands. So you know they are not just paid by these big brands to say happy, perfect, things about their products in question.best e-liquid flavors

To finish this article off, I like to give my favorite flavors as being in the fruit category. Yes, I said it, I like fruity e-liquid flavors, like strawberry, peach, and pineapple the best.



Vapor Cigarettes

Vapor cigarettes are the new form of smoking.

If you are trying to learn more about vapor cigarettes or e-cigs then listen up, and we’ll give you our take on the biggest trend hitting the world right now. Vaping is the smoking, you inhale from mechanical mods or vapor mods or vape mods. These tech gadgets are quite crazy actually but are the offspring of the original e-cigarette from 10 years ago now.

Vaping is becoming a huge trend to ex-smokers or new young people who are looking for a hobby or pastime. While vaping looks to be much more healthy then traditional smoking it is yet to be confirmed by any major agencies such as the FDA. This is not stopping the vaping community from pushing forwards and spreading the message that it is indeed the way to quit smoking for good and vape a healthy new way.vapor cigarettes

Flavors for the e-liquid smoked are in the hundred thousands maybe already, as this like fine wine is what’s so cool and hipster about all of this maybe? Not only that but you can customize your vapor mods with all the different tanks, atomizers, batteries or whatever else you like. You can grab these at the best vaping shops online. There are new vapers everyday looking for deals online for free vape starter kits or vape pens.

But what really keeps the vapers vaping is the flavor of e-liquid or best ejuice they vape. They need to try the best vape juice or vape the best e-liquids online by going to the right stores with all the vaping supplies needed. When you find the best menthol e-liquid or best tobacco e-liquid you are in total smokers heaven and can finally quit the habit or addiction should I say that causes you to die young of cancer.